Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

On Thursday afternoon I took a flight from Paris to Detroit, mainly because the month of May carries great importance (for my mom). We have mother's day, which is always a big deal in our family, which usually entails the whole gang heading for a big mother's day brunch at the Tunnel B.B.Q. Restaurant. We are actually leaving in a few hours to go there! Then it is my mom's birthday on the 25th of May, so being here in Canada at my home in Windsor this month in a way makes up for the 9 months I spend in France each year.

The NHL playoffs also make it a good time to be home, too bad Montreal lost last night, but I am confident they can rebound in game 6 at home to even the series. Spending time with my two brothers and my father while watching the Habs play is a pretty special time.

Since being back, my brother Gabe and I have been playing quite a bit of NHL 10 on Playstation, we always find time to get a few games in, something we have done together since the SEGA days of NHL hockey games.

In terms of my own hockey, the future is not clear at the moment, normally I would like to have everything sorted out but it just seems that this year will take a bit longer. I will keep everyone posted and I will try to keep my attention on this blog and try to update as much as I can!

On a sad note, our family dog Coco passed away during the afternoon just before I got home on Thursday. I did not get to see her but am happy to think about all the time I spent with her last summer! I miss you Coco.