Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Home and Home

We have 1 more game before the break for the holidays and it will be at home against my old team Briancon.  The next morning I will be taking the train at 6:59am and flying back to Canada to spend a week with my family and celebrate our own little Christmas together before boarding a plane on December 20th to come back for a week of practice leading up to the game in Dijon on the 26th.

With less games on our schedule since being eliminated from La Coupe de la Ligue and La Coupe de France, we have changed our weekly routine a bit. Since we are currently only playing 1 game per week, our coach feels that we are on the ice too much, so we have replaced a few on ice practices with some dry land workouts.  Monday we hit the ice for practice, Tuesday we go to "Le Stadium" for a bike workout, Wednesday we have a weights circuit and yoga session, then Thursday/Friday we are back on the ice to prepare for Saturday night game action!

This is our first week incorporating this planning and with our first bike session last night, the 12 sprints at 1minute were very tough (or as tough as you make it) but today I feel refreshed and ready to hit the weights...and yoga :)

On an unrelated note, the landlord for our house here in Epinal just showed up and has been complaining non stop about the stairs being dirty.  Well we are very sorry, but it has been snowing and raining for the past two weeks lady!  Shoes get dirty with 4 people living in this house, relax.

Update, she is now washing the stairs herself haha!

Well I better go help her

Thursday, 2 December 2010

St. Gervais this weekend

Don't be alarmed by the title of this blog, I am by no mean predicting an outstanding performance that would warrant the title of "Saint."  I am simply stating that we will be traveling to the city/village of St. Gervais for our game against Mont Blanc on Friday.  In fact, if I recall correctly, I think I was booed a few years ago when I played there, for taking a cheap shot at one of their players.  So for the last half of the game they kept whistling when I touched the puck and yelling my name ;)  I will try for a strong effort tomorrow night though and put those boo birds to rest!

 My mother already told me that I need to buy her a souvenir when I get there, anything that says "St. Gervais."  I was thinking...ok, like a t-shirt?  She proposed a plate.  I will do my best to find you a nice plate mom.

Well I am off to the train station to pick up Marion, as we have an hour before my practice to go to her favourite store in the world "Comptoir des Cotonniers" as they have a big sale of 20% today!  Does it make that much of a difference if there is 20% of 300 euro???

Only kidding, ok I better get ready to go!